Our Technology

At Dee Set, we truly believe that embracing technology and change is the way to drive excellence and efficiency for you and across our group of businesses.

Our strategy is built around three key principles

If you can’t access it when you need it then it’s not good enough for us!

It should work as you expect it, in an intuitive way.

All the systems you need, working together as if they were one.

Working collaboratively with our colleagues

Over the last year, we have invested heavily in this area to speed up the evolution of our technology so that we deliver our strategy and make life easier for you in your role.

Working collaboratively with our colleagues, clients and business stakeholders, we mapped out the areas of opportunity to create innovative solutions that can provide valuable insights, drive efficiencies through removing “clunky systems” and improve the return on investment for us and our clients.

That’s not the end, Our desire for continuous improvement for you and our clients, ensures we keep turning the dial with Technology, always seeking out ways of improving the systems through agile development which is led by our colleagues and customer feedback.


While we specialise in providing insight to our clients, we don’t just stop there. Our dedicated Data Science team takes these insights and the rich data we capture and takes it to the next level. Whether this be machine learning models or image recognition we have an in-depth knowledge of how to use data to turn the dial.

We are extremely proud too as in 2020, our Data Science team Eliza 64 team were named in the Retail Week Top 50 Data Science Discoveries.

We are really proud of our technology services and powered by our brand!

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We’re always looking for talented tech people to help us achieve our mission and support the continued growth of the business, whether that’s supporting in testing the improvements we make in the field or being an integral member of our Tech & Change team

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