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The quotes below are live feedback from candidates who have recently taken our innovative Chat based interview.

  • Sometimes dont see these things about yourself. So is interesting to see your positive attributes.

  • I dont feel I ever look at myself as an outsider so it was good to read your feedback

  • Never really get feedback on who I am as a person so it’s nice to know and hear from others!

  • Relevant question asked and I gave encouraging replies

  • I loved the whole insight into it gave me 😁

  • Because very thing was completely true and it makes me want to prove myself even more and achieve a lot more

  • Some of the comments are like me

  • I think it was a fair description of me...

  • As you already know me in the company it will help me a lot to hopefully get back into work after being on sick and start fresh in a different area, get my confidence back and to work to a non stressful level again

  • Very interesting to be interviewed on line , to be honest I prefer face to face method your reply’s to my application are some what correct

  • Amazed at the accuracy. Good to know both my strengths and weaknesses.

  • You are absolutely right and i alway air my suggestions . I don't give myself enough credit . I agree with all your comments

  • 😊

  • It give me an insight of what I need to improve on.

  • I recognise what was said in myself but wouldn’t particularly be able to coin it myself if I was asked to tell someone about me, and the advice is great

  • It gave me a deeper insight to myself and I believe it to be true.

  • A lot of what was said was quite true and sometimes I know I can be too thorough, which can have it’s draw backs.

  • It shows me what to improve on

  • I appreciate the comments and have taken on board my weaknesses. This may prove very useful to me. Thank you

  • It was nice to read how I came across during the on line Interview

  • You have told me what sort of person I am and what energy I give off. You've also gave me an extra questions and tips on what to do. I enjoy what you do and I think this is a brilliant idea

  • It doesn't describe me in a couple of areas. I'm not a natural leader, and I do like to pay attention to the details and am often querying something that is not clear. I'm not outgoing, as I tend to like to get on with it alone, but do communicate in a social way with store staff.

  • Thank you. I have taken many valuable points from your feedback. I find this very helpful.

  • Some of it was useful, but disagree with odd bits such as my relationships with colleagues out of work and my quality of work as I like things done properly and to a high standard

  • I feel this descriptions matched me well and understood my strengths it also pick out my opportunities and I agree with them all

  • it has helped me realise i can give my opinion more and share my ideas if i think it could help solve things

  • Inspirational

  • Seeing my attributes and ways of thinking is useful as I can see strengths and areas for growth.

  • Helps me prepare for a better future

  • It described my personality, strengths and weaknesses perfectly and offered some solutions.

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