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The quotes below are live feedback from candidates who have recently taken our innovative Chat based interview.

  • I appreciate the comments and have taken on board my weaknesses. This may prove very useful to me. Thank you

  • Yes really good insight and feedback to work with

  • This explained in depth and detail about myself and shows me the areas where I could achieve more also shows me areas to improve with myself and how I could improve with situations or people.

  • I recognise what was said in myself but wouldn’t particularly be able to coin it myself if I was asked to tell someone about me, and the advice is great

  • I did find it useful but didn't agree on one of the statements I have always been very reliable and definitely wouldn't consider me as being laid back in any stretch if the imagination sometimes I wish I could be in some situations

  • I feel I am always striving for perfection and beat myself up when I get things wrong. I could do with some self compation.

  • To a certain extent as I would challenge the insight number one as I not only welcome change I embrace change. Whereas your response is to say I don’t take to change to well which is incorrect.

  • good feedback

  • It feels mostly accurate but it suggests I'm not very spontanious. It believes I live by rigid rules. This is half true half false, I've simply optimised my time so it's very easy for me to learn new things and modify my patterns.

  • I do think this was a great understanding of me but the only one thing was jumping in first I do believe I take in to account what other people think and say and listen to there thought as I explained during a visit to a store where there was no structure between staff or management I listen and then think on my feet to get everyone back on the same page and working together as a team again.

  • I appreciate the constructive feedback but this is not the case I do not overlook small details as a support worker I have to be focused on small details as I have to administer medication to service users with epilepsy which if given at the wrong time and with food could have drastic outcomes

  • Its always good to take on board what people have to say. Take from it as you wish and use to better you.

  • This is my first text interview. how can you know my self and my character more than my friends. I really like this test. thanks for the experience.

  • Makes me think how I work. And pretty close with what you said.

  • it's great to receive a feedfack to reflect and work on one's strengths and weaknesses

  • It has made me more aware of my traits and what I can improve on.

  • It’s nice to know your test actually is very close to how I am. I would say I have a more friendly personality than it states. I am more focused and not as laid back as it states within work and therefore making me more structured and I like to be organised. I rather enjoyed this approach.

  • Found this useful and have when someone is feeling intimidated stepped in , but I find prevention is better than cure. People come very differently and not everyone is going to respond in exactly the same way. Thank you

  • I think it was helpful in showing me my strengths and areas for improvement.

  • It was good to read the feedback from someone I have never met before. It was also quite accurate and made me question myself.

  • Some of those insights were amazing to hear. The actions will be something I will definitely try and do !

  • It made me see that asking for help of other college’s is a good thing we all need assistance from time to time and there perspective.

  • Made me think of how to improve myself

  • Re insights.2..you say...may come at the expense of accuracy and quality of work.... I totally disagree My work is always accurate and of a good quality....I'm 73 and take pride in what I do, thats my generation.

  • I agree with all the things!!

  • It made me feel more confident in myself and allowed me to feel better when working there.

  • You have been helpful

  • Some it was correct but some was way off. I do not believe you can correctly assess a person's personality with a few random questions giving no importance to facial expressions,body language and the overall "feel" of a person.

  • Some I agreed with and some not so much. I don’t take offence easily and am happy to receive constructive criticism. I learned a long time ago that people who consistently criticise others, aren’t particularly happy people themselves. I always try to keep this in mind.

  • Very useful. It will allow me to work on my self and improve even better to be successful.

  • I liked to see where my strong points were and possibly where I could work on. I enjoyed the text interview

  • Thank you . I do need time for myself . I do understand where you're coming from i appreciate it

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