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The quotes below are live feedback from candidates who have recently taken our innovative Chat based interview.

  • This process is great, something I've never been through before. It can give you a good insite without being too generic.

  • Some of those insights were amazing to hear. The actions will be something I will definitely try and do !

  • I found it interesting rather than useful and the advice is something I already practice as all the points weren’t entirely accurate

  • I did find this useful since I do think about the given points in the coaching tips and feel the same way.

  • As the results are very true of my personality and work ethic, thank you.

  • I found this useful because it shows me what others think about me in a positive light and tell me what flaws I can improve on and growth as a person. Thank you

  • I found this useful however It stated how i’m don’t like to value my opinion which I do disagree on as I believe everyone’s opinion matters and i’m a strong minded person.

  • You have been helpful

  • It shows me what to improve on

  • It's inspiration and teach me that I still have to Archive

  • I have never had any direct and honest feedback.

  • It shows me the areas I can be better at

  • Because can learn more from feedback which is nice to achieve more goals in life

  • You don’t always get feedback, and it’s nice to know your comments have actually been read.

  • This personality profile is very me ! I couldn’t believe it really but I like this because it shows that all of my answers were 100% honest

  • Is useful for us u know what got to do in interview that's gd

  • A lot of what was said was quite true and sometimes I know I can be too thorough, which can have it’s draw backs.

  • I feel that it often takes someone on the outside looking in to be able to truly see your positive and negative attributes. I was surprised how much I agreed with your comments. Thank you, this will be very constructive

  • Found it useful to get the results but found it did not reflect my views or attitudes at all. Did not sound like me at all.

  • I think it’s all true.

  • thank for your feedback and most of comment is very close to my actual character and personality

  • Thank you. I have taken many valuable points from your feedback. I find this very helpful.

  • Was very interesting to see this written down most of it I would agree with as I think I know myself pretty well

  • Great to get feedback and advice

  • I thought the assessment was very good except for one area. While believing living in the moment is a very good thing. I very rarely do anything without a plan. I have always been known at work for my thorough organisational abilities and the strength of my communications skills. Thanks I enjoyed it.

  • Have you got a mind reader on your team? ! You summed me up pretty good and am impressed. Ps. I will take your responses on board.

  • I’m amazed! It’s so accurate.

  • It has made me more aware of my traits and what I can improve on.

  • It reinforced ideas about myself as well as taking upon certain approaches I haven’t thought of before to increase my skills and consideration for others.

  • Because I've suffered with self confidence in the past but now I'm inspired to do something really different as I have very good people skills and can converse with confidence

  • This has given me an insight to who I am. Thank you.

  • Insight 1 : Correct Insight 2: Completely incorrect. Accuracy and quality of work are of paramount importance to me. I'd love to know how you arrived at this awfully sweeping conclusion please. Insight 3: Correct Insight 4: Incorrect. I am articulate, yes, but not defensive - I believe that every point of view warrants and deserves equal exploration. Insight 5: Yes, I am in tune with the needs and feelings of others. However, I do not "become preoccupied". Insight 6: Absolutely incorrect. Could not be more wide of the mark.

  • Good feedback, thank you.

  • This will help me in my career progression

  • Very good and accurate insights

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