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The quotes below are live feedback from candidates who have recently taken our innovative Chat based interview.

  • The feedback actually sounded like it was written by someone who knew me , so the advice about listening more is something I will take on board.

  • Because it feels better when someone else has a good feedback on me

  • We don't normally evaluate ourselves and this was spot on for me. Good focus points for me to work on also.

  • Some I agreed with and some not so much. I don’t take offence easily and am happy to receive constructive criticism. I learned a long time ago that people who consistently criticise others, aren’t particularly happy people themselves. I always try to keep this in mind.

  • Its always good to take on board what people have to say. Take from it as you wish and use to better you.

  • It's always good learn new ways of working I value other people's opinions

  • This explained in depth and detail about myself and shows me the areas where I could achieve more also shows me areas to improve with myself and how I could improve with situations or people.

  • the feedback has really given me confidence within my ability as when you experience redundancy, it does knock your confidence. Thank You.

  • This process is great, something I've never been through before. It can give you a good insite without being too generic.

  • Amazed at the accuracy. Good to know both my strengths and weaknesses.

  • What a quirky way to get to know a potential employee. I love it.

  • Good feedback, thank you.

  • Doesn't mean much as you don't get feedback if you got a interview or not. Be good to know if you been successful with this interview or not

  • This described me perfectly! How do you do it? WOW!!

  • Its is good to know how you present yourself to others .

  • Very interesting summary of myself

  • I did find this useful since I do think about the given points in the coaching tips and feel the same way.

  • It told me a lot about myself that is true and I haven't actually realised of it yet. They all describe me as a person correctly.

  • How from my answers can you describe me so accuretly !!! I am amazed

  • I’m amazed! It’s so accurate.

  • Let’s you be yourself and if it don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again and never be afraid to ask for help has and when needed, give you confidence and growth as a person

  • It highlighted points I didn't really think about and pointed out areas that I can work on and develop more strength in so very enlightening.

  • This was very useful to me as it made me realise what I am good at and what I should work on , Thankyou !

  • Yes it helped a lot I am useful read very good

  • Seeing my attributes and ways of thinking is useful as I can see strengths and areas for growth.

  • I’m happy with all comments but unfortunately I’m quite disappointed to read that I may be classed as unreliable, knowing I’m one of the most reliable people you could meet. I have never let people down and would never dream of doing so !

  • You have been helpful

  • The information was amazing as I knew this about myself but did not know other's saw this to.

  • Constructive Feedback should always looked upon in a positive way. Its informative and there to guide you to be better

  • Overall the statement are fairly accurate. As with any person’s reaction there are some learned responses that work better and some natural responses that may need challenging. All interactions with people are unique, I have personal found in my experiences.

  • It was useful to have a gradual introduction to applying for a job with Dee set.

  • Helps me prepare for a better future

  • I dont feel I ever look at myself as an outsider so it was good to read your feedback

  • Very interesting to be interviewed on line , to be honest I prefer face to face method your reply’s to my application are some what correct

  • Interesting to see, got me about 90% ,which is amazing through scenarios and questions without meeting me .

  • Remind me how good I am

  • This was amazing and I found it to be a very accurate reflection on myself. Particularly the ‘Action ’ section, those are the areas I really need to work on.

  • This has made me feel more confident about myself as I feel like this is the place that is for me and that it had made me feel more exicted about getting a job.

  • It helps me to realise my strengths wich we do not always see

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