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The quotes below are live feedback from candidates who have recently taken our innovative Chat based interview.

  • This was actually surprisingly accurate! Reading throught he insights had made me feel really positive about my character. Very impressed at how close this is to me as a person!

  • It helps the individual (me) realise how much detail goes into explaining how i come across towards the company.

  • It has made me aware that I need to take more control, so need to work on my confidence.

  • Let’s you be yourself and if it don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again and never be afraid to ask for help has and when needed, give you confidence and growth as a person

  • It was very accurate and it’s great to know that a company can see these strengths and weaknesses and give constructive advice in a positive way.

  • I have never had any direct and honest feedback.

  • Relevant question asked and I gave encouraging replies

  • It increased my zeal to work with Dee set

  • Great feedback and very accurate, easy to read and understand

  • It's all quite true

  • I found this very useful and it’s a quick reminder to be yourself, and make me grow on my strengths

  • It's nice that you get feedback from an interview as many do not give feedback

  • Great to get feedback and advice

  • Sometimes good to reflect on past achievements, or failures.

  • It gives you chance to see your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on doing things better or change the way you think.

  • Amazed at the accuracy. Good to know both my strengths and weaknesses.

  • It shows me the areas I can be better at

  • I find it helpful to know the views that people have about me. I’m open to self development, listening to others, taking their views on board and implementing this as communication isn’t only about hearing it is also about action. I’m open to changing self and in assisting those around me. I’m a respectful individual who knows how to walk in the shoes of others because of who I am and the fact that I have learned and continue to learn from others.

  • It doesn't describe me in a couple of areas. I'm not a natural leader, and I do like to pay attention to the details and am often querying something that is not clear. I'm not outgoing, as I tend to like to get on with it alone, but do communicate in a social way with store staff.

  • It’s nice to see that Dee set take notice of things you’ve said

  • Some of the comments are like me

  • You don’t always get feedback, and it’s nice to know your comments have actually been read.

  • It was interesting to see what my comments revealed.

  • This has given me an insight to who I am. Thank you.

  • We don't normally evaluate ourselves and this was spot on for me. Good focus points for me to work on also.

  • Its always good to take on board what people have to say. Take from it as you wish and use to better you.

  • I learnt thing about myself and know areas I can improve on

  • As you already know me in the company it will help me a lot to hopefully get back into work after being on sick and start fresh in a different area, get my confidence back and to work to a non stressful level again

  • Gives you a greater understanding of yourself and what your key opportunities could be for your own personal development, but also to know what your strengths are as well 👍

  • This process is great, something I've never been through before. It can give you a good insite without being too generic.

  • You have been helpful

  • It give me an insight of what I need to improve on.

  • The feedback actually sounded like it was written by someone who knew me , so the advice about listening more is something I will take on board.

  • it was a good insight to how people view me and where i can improve it different form a lot of companies which don’t give feed back

  • Because I've suffered with self confidence in the past but now I'm inspired to do something really different as I have very good people skills and can converse with confidence

  • A lot of what was said was quite true and sometimes I know I can be too thorough, which can have it’s draw backs.

  • Makes me think how I work. And pretty close with what you said.

  • Reflection always gives us a chance to see things we may not recognise about ourself, both good and bad. I feel these results are accurate and represent me.

  • Some of those insights were amazing to hear. The actions will be something I will definitely try and do !

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