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The quotes below are live feedback from candidates who have recently taken our innovative Chat based interview.

  • Made me feel like happy already part of a team

  • This personality profile is very me ! I couldn’t believe it really but I like this because it shows that all of my answers were 100% honest

  • I recognise what was said in myself but wouldn’t particularly be able to coin it myself if I was asked to tell someone about me, and the advice is great

  • It’s me completely. And yes I should speak up more often

  • it gave insight to further my way of thinking and actions to mke me better person.

  • Found it useful to get the results but found it did not reflect my views or attitudes at all. Did not sound like me at all.

  • Very good and accurate insights

  • I always thought that the best people to ask about my personality were those that hardly know me. In this case a computer quiz..whether that makes me more attractive as a prospective candidate I will leave that to your judgement.

  • Brilliant and useful

  • How from my answers can you describe me so accuretly !!! I am amazed

  • It told a lot about me, I’ve always wanted to do new things but sometimes. Think I haven’t got ability to do them. This has given me a boost in my self confidence

  • Because very thing was completely true and it makes me want to prove myself even more and achieve a lot more

  • told me whats good and where to improve

  • It tells me what I’m good at and what can be improved on

  • It is really interesting to find out more about my personality so that I can build upon certain attributes which will not only help me find work but to also improve myself. Constant improvement is something I strive for and it helps to know myself better to have my personality traits defined in response to my text based interview. Really pleased with its results.

  • Made me think of how to improve myself

  • This is my first text interview. how can you know my self and my character more than my friends. I really like this test. thanks for the experience.

  • Some I agreed with and some not so much. I don’t take offence easily and am happy to receive constructive criticism. I learned a long time ago that people who consistently criticise others, aren’t particularly happy people themselves. I always try to keep this in mind.

  • It shows me what to improve on

  • It’s always good to get feedback

  • It is very accurate...I also liked the coaching tips.

  • It was very positive and nice to hear therefore making me feel more confident about myself

  • I do think this was a great understanding of me but the only one thing was jumping in first I do believe I take in to account what other people think and say and listen to there thought as I explained during a visit to a store where there was no structure between staff or management I listen and then think on my feet to get everyone back on the same page and working together as a team again.

  • Makes me think how I work. And pretty close with what you said.

  • I found this very useful and it’s a quick reminder to be yourself, and make me grow on my strengths

  • You are absolutely right and i alway air my suggestions . I don't give myself enough credit . I agree with all your comments

  • You have been helpful

  • Most of the observations were spot on!! The only thing I didn’t agree with was not looking at the bigger picture before making decisions as I feel I look outside the box. Overall very interesting.

  • Let’s you be yourself and if it don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again and never be afraid to ask for help has and when needed, give you confidence and growth as a person

  • I feel that it often takes someone on the outside looking in to be able to truly see your positive and negative attributes. I was surprised how much I agreed with your comments. Thank you, this will be very constructive

  • Yes that seems like me

  • It was quite interesting to see the results pick my character out quite well. As for the reflection. I have done an 8 week mindfullness course, a psychological first aid course as well as being the departments Staff Wellbeing Champion. Handling emotional conflict is something I like to think I'm very good at and happy to spot when somethings not right with somewhen and can offer constructive advice should they need someone to talk their problems through.

  • It was nice to read how I came across during the on line Interview

  • I think it was a fair description of me...

  • It was great to get the feedback, again lots of places do not offer this.

  • As you already know me in the company it will help me a lot to hopefully get back into work after being on sick and start fresh in a different area, get my confidence back and to work to a non stressful level again

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